I’m a Paid Author Now

On Sunday my first novel Walk of Shame was released.  If you have been following my Writer to Author Diary you will know that I have uploaded my books to Amazon, iBooks and Kobo.  I also tried to upload to Barnes & Noble but because I live in Australia, they did not want my business 🙁

So since Sunday I have been too scared to check my stats, because I don’t expect much and by checking the figures it reinforces my low expectations.  When I finally got up the nerve to check for sales, I only checked iBooks, and sadly, no sales.  I have had downloads of my free short story, but no paid downloads of my novel.

Tonight I decided to check Kobo and Amazon.  Kobo has had some free downloads of my short story, but no paid sales.  But Amazon!  I have sold SIX books on Amazon! Do you know what that means?  It means I am officially a PAID AUTHOR!

Now I know that selling six books is does not a career make, but heck!  I’ve sold six books!  So yeah, I’m going to celebrate that and it encourages me to keep going, keep working, keep writing.

Screenshot 2015-05-12 19.51.58


Check out the My Books page to get links to download my books and follow me, here, on WordPress and Facebook to find out when my next books are released (a Novella and another full length Novel are coming soon!) and check out my Pinterest page to see what inspires me.

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