Long time no see


It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post, but I want to assure you that I am still writing!

I currently have five projects on the go…Tim and Laura’s story (the next installment of my Love, Money & Shoes Series), a new Young Adult Paranormal Romance Trilogy (called Broken Arrow), a New Adult Romance (working title is currently Reckless, but that could change before publication) and a novella called Something Blue which is the story of Claire and Ben’s wedding.

I sometimes feel like I have a bit of a split personality with so many writing projects in my head, but believe it or not, I like to have more than one story on the go.  Hopefully within the next month or so, you will see some new titles start to appear on all your favourite ebook retailers!

Another exciting project coming up is that my husband and I are planning a ten day road trip out west.  It is nearly a five thousand kilometre round trip and we are so looking forward to it.  We will have been married for twenty three years next month, and we have never done a road trip this long!

Our Big Adventure on Roadtrippers

The inspiration for the trip was the book Skin Deep.  It is set in a small town in north west Queensland called Gunpowder and I talked my husband into taking a trip out there with me.  I am going to blog along the way and have lots of pictures, so keep posted!

I have also been doing lots of reading over the last couple of months and will be posting some book reviews of some of my favourites and ones that I think you will enjoy too.

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