Sapphire Falls

 Okay, so I have to be up front and say that I love, love love this series.  I fell in love with Sapphire Falls with this first book and have eagerly read each book in the series as it came out.

Each book tells the story of a different couple in the small town of Sapphire Falls and each story is special and unique in it’s own way.

After reading Getting Out of Hand I wanted to move there 🙂 The world building in these books is wonderful and I really felt a part of the close knit community.  The town is picturesque and full of charm.  I love the seasonal festivals that get the whole community involved and shared pride of the town’s inhabitants.

The characters are real and relatable.  As with all good books, these characters become your friends and it is easy to laugh, cry, commiserate and celebrate with them.  I also enjoyed the continued connection with characters from previous books as the series progressed.  I liked seeing how their lives moved forward and how their stories interwove.  This is a really great thing for someone like me who has trouble letting go of characters after I have finished a book 😉

These books are sweet and romantic with some deliciously steamy scenes and I’m sure, if you are like me, you will get hooked on them.  And the first one is FREE!

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