The Wedding Pact

I’m a sucker for a good wedding story and The Substitute really intrigued me.  I have been a fan of Denise Grover Swank since reading the first Rose Gardner Mystery Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, so I was eager to read more of her work.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The three books in the series (and I am assuming the series is completed now) each tell the story of three friends and their pact to get married before their thirtieth birthdays.  Throw in a gypsy fortune teller, a crazy nanna, reluctant grooms and wedding disasters and you have three really entertaining and fun reads.  I literally laughed out loud in some parts, even some snorting was involved.

There is one particular scene in the third book that had me chuckling for a while and had to put the book down to compose myself before reading on.  For reasons that will be explained when you read the book, the heroine is in the bathroom needing to pee but unable to get her panties off due to the giant wedding dress she is wearing.  A male friend very kindly offers to assist her with these words:

Lucky for you, I’m an expert at removing women’s panties.  I volunteer as tribute

I nearly wet my own pants I was laughing so hard!

These are beautifully written, fun, poignant and steamy reads.  Great for snuggling under the covers with before you go to bed.

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