All at Sea

This series is currently undergoing a bit of a facelift and has been removed from sale.

Hopefully they will be all back up by the end of the year!  

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allatseaipadA plus-size jewellery designer and a personal trainer…

Beth Bennett is a successful (well, moderately successful) jewellery designer, blogger and secret romance writer…she’s also plus size.  It wouldn’t bother her so much if her mother didn’t constantly remind her of the fact or if her doctor didn’t keep telling her the dire consequences if she doesn’t lose some weight and get her diabetes under control.  So when she has the opportunity to skip town and enjoy an all expenses paid cruise around the Pacific islands, she jumps at the chance (okay, she needed some convincing, but she eventually says yes).

Tomas McKenzie is the fifth eldest in a family of eight, a physical education teacher at a prestigious boys college, marathon runner (aspiring marathon runner, he’s only done half marathons so far) and he is most definitely not plus size.  He has plans for his summer vacation – training for an upcoming marathon, so when he’s asked to fill in as a personal trainer on a cruise ship for a week, he’s reluctant.  With some cajoling and the promise of a bit of extra money over the summer, he agrees, determined to use the time to his advantage (for training purposes, obviously).

Tomas is also Beth’s brother’s best friend and someone she had a teenage crush on.  Seeing him again does all kinds of funny things to her, but he could never see her as anything but Josh’s little sister (okay, not so little).  Besides, he’s super-fit, super-healthy and super-out-of-her-league even if he is always so nice to her, and Beth knows she has no chance with him.

Except that he kissed her…really kissed her…and now she wants what everyone keeps telling her she can’t have.