Summer Fling

This series is currently undergoing a bit of a facelift and has been removed from sale.

Hopefully they will be all back up by the end of the year!  

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summerflingipadCan an ‘Uptown Girl’ and a computer nerd find love on a beautiful tropical island?

Charlene Donovan has always had everything she wanted, but living the life of a party girl doesn’t really fulfil her, she wants more and has decided that her previous spoiled princess routine needs to change.

David has always admired Charlene from afar, but knew she was way out of his league even if the ‘List’ didn’t make it perfectly obvious.  Besides, he is too busy trying to make his mark on the technical world to even give her more than an admiring glance.

When a chance meeting on a romantic tropical island cause their worlds to collide, can these two young lovers from different socioeconomic backgrounds overcome peer pressure and well meaning, but misguided, manipulations to find their happily ever after?

This is a NOVELLA and looks at the background of two couples we meet in later books