Walk of Shame

This series is currently undergoing a bit of a facelift and has been removed from sale.

Hopefully they will be all back up by the end of the year!  

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walkofshameipadA cheating fiancé, a business trip to Melbourne, a one night stand, an unexpected meeting and a lost Jimmy Choo…

After sensible, practical, bakery owner, Claire Bower, finds her fiancé of five years in bed with another woman, she kicks him to the curb with a face slap, some cathartic personal property destruction and a few choice words, then heads to Melbourne for some well deserved retail therapy and decadent food indulgences. She never expected to wake up in a strange (but luxurious) hotel room with a total blank of what had happened the night before, nor did she expect to spend the following night in the company of  the charming, delicious and swoon worthy  Ben Donovan.  Her short stint in Australia’s food and wine capital has seen her meet not one, but two exciting men who see her as more than the plain and boring Claire she has always thought herself to be.

When Claire returns to her ‘real life’ on the Sunshine Coast, she finds herself torn between two men, one a mysterious stranger that she can not for the life of her remember, but has none the less started a strange but fun text relationship with, the other a dreamy, sweet and ridiculously rich Brisbane lawyer who seems to adore her.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she is also on a mission to save her floundering business and finds herself the object of affection for an obsessed stalker.  Maybe being a ‘plain Jane’ wasn’t so bad after all.