The Billionaire Muse

billionairemuseipadThe Young Billionaires Book 3

By Emma Lea

Mason Pressfield likes his quiet, solitary, ordered life.  He likes his mostly nocturnal existence, working late into the night and sleeping through the day.  He likes the quiet of his apartment, one of only two on his floor, and he especially likes being able to escape from people whenever he wants to.  It’s not that he doesn’t like other people he just finds them so… draining.  So what if two of his friends have found their forever partners, it didn’t mean he is missing out on anything.  He’s not the relationship type, anyway, and he likes to keep the women in his life at arms length, he likes to have complete control over any and all interactions with them.  So why is his new neighbour getting under his skin?  And what the hell are those strange noises coming from her apartment in the middle of the night?

Abby Sutherland chose her apartment because it was only one of two on that floor and the building manager assured her that her neighbour was the type to keep to himself.  She likes her anonymity and a quiet, unobtrusive neighbour is exactly what she needs.  Abby has a secret that she is bound and determined to keep just that, secret, and the last thing she needs is a nosy neighbour butting in and trying to find all the skeletons in her closet.

When she first sees her new neighbour, it isn’t under exactly ideal conditions and may have even come across as slightly suspicious.  And then he catches her again, also in a compromising position and she doubts the wisdom of choosing this particular apartment.  Even though she knows she needs to keep away from him, she is drawn to her tall, dark and handsome neighbour and her very active imagination begins to use him as her muse for all sorts of fantastic tales.  But will the real Mason be a disappointment as she gets to know him, or is he exactly what she has been fantasising about all along?

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