The Billionaire Muse – Excerpt

The drive home was quiet, but not the uncomfortable silence that had been in the car on their way over.  The late afternoon sun gave the city a golden cast, glinting off the windows of the high-rises and making it a little difficult to see because of the glare.  That was Mason’s excuse for not talking, he needed to concentrate on driving.  It wasn’t because he was simply enjoying the quiet solitude with her.

It was an oddly comfortable feeling, one that he’d never experienced before.  He usually needed some alone time to recharge after one of the group’s get togethers, but he didn’t mind Abby’s quiet presence beside him, in fact, he quite liked it.

He glanced over at her and felt a flush of affection for her.  She sat in her seat, her head tilted back, eyes closed and a small smile on her face, almost as if she was thinking the same thing as he was, that being together like this was easy, easier than he’d ever thought it could be.  What would it be like to spend other Saturday afternoons with her like this?  Lunch with his friends and then a quiet afternoon, just the two of them, without the need to speak.  Followed by a simple dinner and then an easy night of lovemaking until they both fell asleep in each others arms.

The easy simplicity of it and the yearning he felt was a jolt to him.  He had never spent the night with a woman, he just couldn’t do it.  It was too intimate and there were too many things that could go wrong.  He couldn’t believe that the woman seated beside him was causing him to fantasise about things that he’d never ever contemplated before.  Mason didn’t do intimacy, sex yes, intimacy no.  So why did he want that with Abby?

He pulled into the underground parking garage below their building and she blinked open her eyes and Mason was caught wondering what it would be like to wake up beside her.  She smiled sleepily at him and he had to bite back a groan as blood shot to his groin and his cock began to thicken.  How did she do that to him?  The sleepy sexy thing had never been his thing, but it seemed on Abby it was.

He turned away from her and got out of the car, taking a moment to breathe deep and get his attraction under control.  She joined him at the lift and they rode up in silence.  He followed her out of the elevator and up the stairs to their floor, valiantly trying, and failing, not to look at her arse on the way.  When she got to his door, she turned to him and smiled.

“Thank you for today,” she said, “I had fun.”

He smiled down at her, stepping closer.  She took a step back, her eyes darkening, and bumped into the wall beside his door.  He stepped closer, needing to be near her one last time before they went their separate ways.

“My friends like you,” he said, his voice rough like gravel.

“I liked them too,” she whispered, looking up at him.

He leant down, barely knowing what he was doing, and brushed his lips across hers.  Her eyes fluttered shut and she leant into him, her hand coming up to rest on his shoulder.  He flinched and she opened her eyes to look at him questioningly.  Instead of explaining it to her, he took her wrists in a firm grip and held them against the wall as he lowered his head once more to taste from her lips.  She didn’t struggle against his restraint, but seemed to relax into it, like she was glad he’d done it, like she’d wanted him to restrain her.  That thought made his cock harden painfully and he deepened the kiss, sweeping his tongue inside her mouth and learning the taste of her.

She responded to him, her body pliant under his as he pressed against her, pushing her into the wall and trapping her beneath his weight.  Her easy submission was like an aphrodisiac and he felt himself being swallowed by the need of his body to make her his.  She mewled softly under his assault and it snapped him back to reality.  He lifted his head and looked down at her swollen, reddened lips and her dark, lust filled eyes.

He wanted her, but he couldn’t have her.  There was too much at stake.

He stepped back, letting her hands go and breaking the contact between them.  She blinked up at him in confusion and he couldn’t help the hand that he lifted to her cheek.  He gently ran his knuckles down the side of her face and neck and her eyes closed on a sigh.  Before he could take her against the wall, which was what he desperately wanted to do, he turned away and let himself into his apartment, not game to look back at her and see the hurt he knew would be in her eyes.

He leant back against the closed door and blinked his eyes closed as he took a deep breath.  His hands shook with the effort not to open the door and drag her inside to his bed.  He shouldn’t have kissed her, he shouldn’t have tasted her.  Leaving her alone now was going to be even harder than it was before he had kissed her, before he had felt the easy and almost eager submission of her under his restraints.  God, what would it be like to have her under him?  What would it be like seeing her hands bound and her naked body offered to him for his pleasure?

He exhaled roughly and pushed away from the door.  It was no use thinking about it when he knew he couldn’t have it, have her.  He would only be torturing himself and then every interaction with her would become harder for him to control himself.  He needed to banish her from his mind, but he couldn’t do that while his cock was hammering for attention.  He headed for the shower to take care of the problem and to indulge in one last fantasy of Sweet Abby.

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