Twelve Days of Christmas Too

his12daysipadHis Side of the Story

By Emma Lea

I have too many secrets and she has made a career of exposing them.

Twelve days before Christmas and I’ve been lucky enough to be christened by the press as ‘The Executioner’.  Everybody hates me.  I’m the most despised man in Australia and my face has been splashed over every news channel in the country.  Thank God I’m heading to New York for the next few months, at least I’m not so well known over there.

Bumping into Isobel (literally) was like fate.  I couldn’t believe she didn’t know who I was and that very fact, plus the fact that she was gorgeous, made me want to get to know her better.  When I found out that she was ‘the press’ it was too late, I was already addicted to her.

But my real identity isn’t the only one I’m keeping secret and the other secret is so juicy that if she ever found out, there’s no way she wouldn’t feel obligated to share it with the world.  But in doing so, she would destroy everything my family has worked for for over seventy years.

We may have been fated to meet, but there’s no way we could ever make this work, there are too many secrets.