An Apology

I did a bad thing…

Ever have one of those days where you think you’ve got everything sorted and you’re feeling good about what you’ve achieved and you’re patting yourself on the back and then you realise that maybe no everything is as it seems?

Yeah, that was me yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to update my website for a while now and had some time to do it yesterday so I worked like a busy little bee for hours and then as I was climbing into bed I checked my emails only to discover that I had been spamming my subscribers all afternoon!  Argh! And it wasn’t even interesting spam, just boring placeholder text and random images.  You guys must have thought I was off my rocker!

So, I’m not one to run from responsibility and I felt I just had to write a post and explain that I really, really, didn’t mean to spam you guys!  Honest!


On a good note… ‘The Billionaire Daddy’ comes out tomorrow (clapping and cheering).


I looved writing this book and the main character, Brooks, is my new book boyfriend!

Click on the image to find out more about his story and have a little squiz at the new website while you’re at it!


Aaaand!  Christmas is coming!  To get into the Christmas spirit, I’ve written TWO Novellas – his and hers stories about the same event.  They will be available in November, so stay tuned!

hertwelvedays      histwelvedays

Click on the pics to find out more!

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